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I'm a motion designer with a degree from Miami University in Emerging Technology in Business in Design. I am passionate about interactive projects, live performance visuals, and projection mapping events. 

CECC - Spring 2023

I got the opportunity to work with Esports Foundry as a freelance designer to create motion graphic visuals as support elements for the Collegiate Esports Comissioners Cup. I created animations for both in person and broadcast assets for sponsors, team rosters, and an awards ceremony for college esports programs. I used 3D animation elements as well as 2D editing to create a final product for the tournament.

Blink - Fall 2022

Blink is an arts festival in Cincinnati, I was able to work on the projection mapping for the Hanke building in Over the Rhine with my classmates. I worked as the producer as well as an animator for this project. I facilitated communication between teams and made sure our project work flow remain organized while we continued to work. I was also able to animate branding visuals for Blink that were used on TQL for the duration of the festival.


Lightborne - Summer 2022

During the summer of 2022 I worked as an intern for Lightborne communications in Cincinnati to research and develop for an interactive art installation event they wanted to create. While there I worked with a small team and created reactive visuals using Touchdesigner, Notch, and Kinect Azures. We also created a project file system for them to use and they were able to use our projects to finish the event visuals.


Miami University Opera - Spring 2022

The club I started at Miami, Next Level AV, had the opportunity to create and run projections for the Opera's production of Light in the Piazza. For this project I was an animator, projection technician and the producer. I helped our small team of animators and technical specialists prepare the visuals for the theatrical setting. I really enjoyed the nature of this project because it allowed for me to make on the fly changes as new challenges arose. 

DJ Showcase Concert - Spring 2022

The club I started at Miami, Next Level AV, teamed up with a music organization on campus to create audio reactive visuals for DJ's on campus. These visuals were then used as a projection visual inside the venue of the concert. I acted as producer, managing a small team of artist as we each created a visual for each DJ. Each visual was created in collaboration with the performer to emulate their unique sound and vision. 

Silent Partner Studios - Fall 2021

During the fall of 2021 I worked on a capstone project with a team of other designers. We worked with Silent Partner Studios on concert visuals for two songs, for a client SPS was working for. I was tasked with the role of creative director for one of our songs and lead a team of animators. During this project I also acted as the storyboard artist. 

Poet Shack - Fall 2020

In the fall of 2020, I acted as a scenic designer and storyboard artist for a capstone project. The end goal of this capstone project was to create an immersive experience that told a story based on Miami's resident poet from the 1920's. The team took inspiration from his original residence and from his works to create an experience about how art has evolved throughout time especially at Miami. 

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